Car Insurance


Find you the best deal from over 400 policies. All you need to do is fill in one form.

Get a quote straight away or use the links on this page to find all the information you need to consider when sorting your motor insurance policy.

· Quoodle’s insurance partner will bring you the best quotes from over 400 policies.
· See lists of quotes from some of the UK’s most respected and competitive insurance providers.
· There’s just one form to fill in, helping you to save and time and money on your motor insurance.

Buying car insurance can be baffling. With such a bewildering variety of insurance comparison services available at the moment it can leave people wondering if they really have found the right deal.

Quoodle has arranged for its insurance partner, Quoteline Direct, to provide a helpful service where you can fill in one form to find the best quote for you. This service will search Quoteline Direct’s own relationships with insurance companies and if these aren’t the cheapest, they’ll give you cheaper alternatives from elsewhere. The aim is to provide the most honest insurance comparison service on the web.

To make things even more transparent we’ve put together some information (see the links on the right) to shed light on some of the more confusing areas of insurance.